Create the Social Media Presence You've Always Wanted, Your Business Needs and Your Target Audience Craves

HelloMEDIO will help you build a robust social media presence in order to raise brand awareness, create a measurable ROI and increase your authority as an industry thought leader.

Thoughtful Social Media Tailored to Your Company's Brand

Do you feel like attaining a social media presence that your target audience loves to engage with is just around the corner, but you’re never able to achieve it on your own?

 If you’ve tried multiple times to keep the social media ball rolling but keeping running into obstacles that prevent you from building the social media presence that you desire, then you’ll find HelloMEDIO’s social media marketing to be a breath of fresh air.

 Our goal is to alleviate the frustration and feelings of overwhelm that many Oregon small business owners experience when they try to manage their own social media marketing. HelloMEDIO delivers targeted, on-brand social media campaigns that engage your audience and make your company a measurable ROI.

The 3 Keys to Transform Your Social Media Presence

While many small businesses equate branding with their logo and other stylistic elements, branding is a much larger concept than that.  Branding is how you choose to communicate with your audience who you are, what you offer, and what you value as a company.

HelloMEDIO will make sure that all of your social media content ties back to your brand story, creating a predictable, repeatable, and enjoyable connection with your audience.

Anyone can upload an image, write a paragraph, and hit the post button.  But the real skill in social media comes down to making sure you reach the right audience with your message.  If you’ve tried social media and it didn’t seem to make an ROI, it’s probably because you weren’t able to reach your intended audience.

This is where developing a social media strategy and knowing how to use the advanced features within each social media platform come in. HelloMEDIO will use every tool at our disposal to make sure your message reaches your ideal client.

Have you ever seen a post on social media that was only vaguely related to the business’s core mission?  Businesses don’t need to post more just to fill space!  There’s plenty of that on social media already.

HelloMEDIO will make sure every single post is created with specific business objectives in mind.  We’ll also develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to make sure your campaign stays on track.

Why Work with helloMEDIO!?


Social Strategy Creation

Knowing what to do next is often the biggest challenge with social media. We create a social media strategy to guide future social media activities. There will be no more doubts or guessing games about your social media presence when you have a solid plan in place.


Uncover Truths About Your Ideal Customer

Have you ever made assumptions about your target audience without doing research? We help you define your ideal customer avatar which will ensure we post according to the needs of your target audience.


Memorable and Consistent Brand Messaging

Do you want your target audience to think of your brand when they’re in need of your services, or somebody else’s? We’ll develop a positive and memorable brand image for your company on social media.


Increased Thought Leadership

We’ll employ the single-most effective way to improve your company’s authority as a thought leader in your industry. Imagine how much easier it will be to convey your company’s important methodologies and positions once you’ve built up trust over months and years.


Custom Content Creation

Tired of cheesy stock graphics? We’ll make your business look ultra professional with custom photography and graphics that are specific to your company and in-line with your brand styles.


Increased Targeting with Facebook Ads

Employing Facebook ads is often the key to success for many businesses on social media, simply because it allows them to expand their reach and target the right audience much more quickly. We’ll create valuable Facebook ads to get your message in front of a highly targeted audience that is often more eager to buy than the audience you’re currently reaching through organic social media posts.


Social Listening and Monitoring

It’s been noted that “80% of companies online are under the impression that they deliver exceptional customer service, while only 8% of their customers say they agree. Ouch! Our social media service helps your company stay connected with users who are actively reaching out to you online by responding to Facebook and other messaging services within social media.



Online tools that fail to talk to each other can kill your ability to make a return on your social media investment. We’ll integrate your social media presence with your website and other online tools. This includes installing the Facebook pixel so you can re-target website visitors and track conversions.


Know Your ROI

Many business owners get discouraged with their social media efforts because they don’t know how to track the results. We track your ROI and Return on Ad Spend so you’ll always know how well your campaign is performing.


It all Comes Down to Relationship Building

All the technical wizardry behind social media marketing matters not if you aren’t building a relationship with your audience. All of our activities on your behalf tie back to building a relationship with real people so they feel comfortable moving along the buyer’s journey.

Which Social Media Platforms Will Work Best for Your Business?



We recommend Facebook for all local businesses in Eastern Oregon. Facebook has an enormous user base, and is extremely flexible with the types of content you can post.



Do you have a highly visual product or service? Is your target audience on the younger side? If you can answer "yes" to either question, your business will likely do well on Instagram.



Pinterest is a good platform for nearly any business because your pins can continue to pay dividends for months or years. AND, If your potential customers are inclined to do research prior to purchasing items similar to yours, Pinterest is likely to be a great option. For example, wedding and baby related products and services are perfect for Pinterest.



In our view, many other websites and platforms have social elements to them, even if they aren't easily labeled as "social media." The key to identifying what platforms will work best for you is to conduct deep research to determine where your target audience likes to hang out online. Perfect examples of this include Youtube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.



For early stage/start-up businesses that don't have the time to manage their social media presence themselves. This package is for you if you'd like to create a consistent and predictable connection with your target audience which you can then build on in the future.
$ 500 Monthly
  • 12 Social media posts per month
  • Social page optimization
  • 1 Social media platform
  • Content Calendar
  • Reputation/ Social listening management monitoring
  • Audience/fan daily engagement
  • Monthly strategy meeting /call


Ideal for businesses with a limited budget that want to take advantage of social media to promote their brand, product and services. This package includes more advanced strategies and activities to make sure your posts reach your target audience.
$ 1000 Monthly
  • 20 Social media posts per month
  • Social page optimization
  • 1 Social media platform
  • Social boost campaigns
  • Content creation w/graphic design
  • Reputation/ Social listening monitoring
  • Audience/fan daily engagement
  • Monthly strategy meeting/call
  • Quarterly reports


This package is ideal for organizations that want to outsource social media presence to monitor and grow their brand reputation 24/7. In addition to higher level targeting tools, we add in more advanced content creation services to make sure your posts are always professional and on-brand.
$ 2000 Monthly
  • 20+ Social media posts per month/per page
  • Imagery Overhaul (profile/ cover photos)
  • Social page optimization
  • 2 Social media platforms
  • Social boost campaigns
  • Creative content creation
  • Custom promotional graphics
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Reputation/ Social listening monitoring
  • Audience/fan daily engagement
  • 2 Monthly strategy meetings/calls
  • Monthly reports

Launch Your Custom Social Media Campaign

Ready to discuss a social media campaign that increases brand awareness, develops your authority as a thought leader in your space, and produces a measurable ROI?  Book a strategy call with our CEO, Vanessa.  We’ll uncover your boldest dreams, biggest barriers and determine whether we’re a good fit to work together.